Choosing a DJ for a High School Prom – NJ / NY

A lot of planning goes into prom night and the happiness of hundreds of teens depends on its success. With everything you are going to have to worry about on prom night the last thing you are going to want to stress about is your DJ selection. You want a responsible and fun prom DJ that is going to help ease prom night pressure, not add to it!

We live in a great and diverse area, so your high school is certain to reflect that. Digital Entertainment can provide a prom DJ with a musical repertoire to play an upbeat mix of hip music with a balanced combination of slow and fast tracks. He or she also needs to have a certain level of experience because prom night requires A LOT of coordination. Between prom court announcements, speeches and working around serving the main course, as well as photo ops your DJ is going to have to be on his or her toes and know how to handle these events without missing a beat.

Your DJ is going to have to be able to work with the particular style and taste that suits your school and charismatically present your prom court, making the kids feel special, not corny. Ideally your DJ also is going to have to be able to monitor and keep the pace of the crowd. A good DJ will make or break your prom night. Maybe you want to give your party goers the option of a photo booth, or some fun games that won’t come off as out of style? You need to have a DJ that is going to be flexible to design the prom package that suits your theme and is perfect for the party you want to throw for your students. Professional prom DJs also need to be established enough to have back up equipment and plans if something goes awry. Prom night is one of the quintessential high school experiences that kids look forward to and will remember for the rest of their lives, you want to make sure that it is picture perfect and goes off without a hitch!