Choosing a DJ for a Italian / American Event – NJ / NY

Let’s face it, New Jersey is known for its Italian American culture! As Italian Americans, we like to party. Whatever your reason for celebrating is, you are going to want a NJ DJ who will vibe with your crowd and keep the party alive.

A combination of family and friends, many of whom are probably first or second generation Italians is going to be a loud, chaotic and fun filled crowd. Your NJ DJ is going to have to be energetic and charismatic enough to go with the flow of your party. They are also going to have to know how to connect with those in your crowd that might want to have more traditional Italian tunes.

The Italian American DJ will need to read the audience and play music that not only relates to their demographic but specifically to their region in Italy. Playing traditional Italian music that is regionalized can make all the difference because there are thousands of various styles of music from city to city. An Italian American family originally from Calabria might not care too much about music from Sicily or Napoli. Each region of Italy has a unique music and culture that a DJ catering specifically to their events should be aware of.

This is why you need to make sure that your NJ DJ for is attuned to the specific needs of an Italian American family. You don’t want to spend your party time worrying about if it is going to be a success; you want to be spending time with those closest to you and dancing the night away with all of your loved ones. Your NJ DJ needs to be the one to make sure that all the right music is played and special toasts or moments are handled with the perfect combination of professionalism and energy.

Digital Entertainment’s North Jersey DJs know how to get involved with your crowd and culture to give your family a night they will never forget. Your DJ is also going to have to have a wide variety of music, from today’s best dance hits to old world classics, he or she is going to have to make them available to you as well as know the appropriate times to play them.