Choosing a DJ for a Kid’s Party – NJ / NY

You can plan a great kid’s party, but you are probably not a one man / woman entertainment show. When it comes to the day of your child’s big party it might be helpful to know that you have an experienced entertainer to keep the crowd’s attention, allowing you and the other parents to sit back, relax and enjoy. Before you make a final decision on including DJ entertainment in your party plans, take a moment to consider the effects a professional party DJ will have on your event:

  • A quality DJ can provide entertainment for the younger guests and give the adults some much needed time to mingle ad relax.
  • It will give the kids a way to let loose and have a good time together in a way that is more structured than just running wild around the restaurant/event hall/ venue.
  • A great way to enhance the party experience for the kids and create fun, lasting memories.
  • A DJ provides a great way to keep kids from getting bored at their parent’s side and keeps them involved in the party all night. This is not just good for the kids; it’s great for the parents!

You might not know exactly what type of kid’s party entertainment is out there, so here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Balloon artists are traditional classics that you probably loved as a kid. They are still popular today and with the right skill can keep the kids oohing and ahing over balloon creations that they can keep. Good balloon creations can also turn into temporary toys for continued party enjoyment.
  • Face painting and caricature artists are mostly seen at fairs and boardwalks, but you can also hire them for the day. Face painting is a favorite of lots of kids, and caricature pictures will double as a cool souvenir for parents and kids.
  • Clowns and magicians are also great options. Clowns work best for smaller kids but magicians can work a little bit of an older crowd if they have the skill. Good party magicians will stun your child’s friends and leave them talking about the party for weeks.
  • Themed entertainers like princesses and pirates are also becoming popular. If your kids are a little older, you might want to make sure that the entertainer can provide a little more of a show than simply being there.
  • Maybe your child is an animal lover. Outdoor parties provide great opportunities for furry entertainment. This can be as extreme as mini petting zoos or pony rides or as simply as a single pony or dog show. Kids love animals and here in New Jersey many of them don’t get the opportunity to interact with animals that much. This will make your party truly unforgettable.

Hiring a quality DJ for your kid’s party is a great way to guarantee a great experience for all guests. Instead of parents worrying about kids, they can enjoy watching their children bond and enjoy interactive games. Instead of kids growing bored with “grown-up” party stuff they can get involved and create memories of their own!

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