Great Kid Party Ideas and Cool Give-aways

Hosting a kid’s party can be stressful for a parent. You want to make sure your child has a great day and that means keeping all his or her friends entertained and having fun. A great way to keep kid’s enthusiasm up is with cool give-aways or prizes that they can take home. If you have a specific theme for your kid’s party you can specify your gifts to fit. These don’t have to be crazy or expensive, they just have to be clever enough to keep the kids going and having a great time.

Some ideas for easy give aways that will keep the kids happy:

  • Buckets or baskets of any kind are good because they will serve double duty as a place for kids to put their other party souvenirs.
  • Mini water guns are especially good for an outdoor party.
  • Stickers and temporary tattoos are traditional, but you won’t believe how much they entertain
  • Bouncy balls are another simple but classic kid’s favorite. Just make sure that you get balls that are on the softer side so you don’t have any accidents.
  • Yo-yos and pinwheels are traditional party favors that your fellow parents will especially appreciate for their quiet entertainment.
  • Stick horses are another option that are cheap or easy to make at home.
  • Costume themed give aways will encourage the imaginative side of your kids. Things like hats, jewelry, tutus, superhero capes etc will inspire make believe games that could last for hours. The best part is there are options here for pretty much any theme.
  • Arts give aways are another good option and they can result in memorable keepsake pictures for your child. Give kids things like self inking stamps and crayons and then provide poster board for a fun group activity picture. If you want to go a step further websites like are now selling “coloring wallets” for kids in a variety of designs and themes.
  • Hula-hoops are a great give away because they can be played with all day
  • Hawaiian lays are a classic that kids have played dress up with for generations
  • Glasses and other types of disguises give kids a chance to use their imaginations
  • Candy is a cheap and easy give away that all kids love!
  • Glow sticks make fun kids toys, and they’re small, inexpensive and don’t make a mess!
  • Plastic musical instruments like little guitars, flutes and kazoos etc are good toys for the kids to play together.  These are especially good for a party because it gives kids a chance to play together!
  • Beads and slap bracelets are great for kids who are a little bit older.

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Some important things to keep in mind when providing party favors for your child’s guests are how long they will keep the kids entertained, but you also have to think about mess factor and your fellow parents!

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