Choosing a DJ for a School Dance – NJ / NY

School dances are great times for making great memories, whether they are middle school dances, homecoming dances, or just regularly planned school year events, let’s face it, they’re usually what the students are looking forward to most. Planning a school dance can be a tough job for an educator and because it’s in your nature, you are going to be worrying about your kids. Hiring the right NJ DJ for your school dance can help to relieve some of the pressure and allow you to worry about more pressing issues while your dance DJ makes sure that the kids are having a great night.

Hiring the right school dance DJ means hiring someone with the experience and professionalism to understand the age range or unique event that they are working with. If you are hosting a school dance for middle school kids, you are going to want your DJ to keep it up beat but not out of control. You will want him to play music that encourages the kids to socialize (let’s face it, those first few dances were nerve wracking) but that is not going to cause complaint from parents. Your DJ also needs to be the sort that can relate to the kids and come across with a youthful vibe that will bring the best out of your kids.

Your DJ is going to have to be someone that can take the time to sit down with you and consider all of the specifics of your event to make sure that the product he or she delivers is both age and theme appropriate. He or she needs to be coordinated and organized enough to make special announcements and go with the flow of the party to make it a night that they will never forget.